Thursday, May 24, 2007


Remember I mentioned a reminiscent post coming on???? Here is Lindsay with Daddy last August '06. She was just barely two months old and sporting an itty bitty bikini!!
Lindsay one day prior to the pool pics. Her first professional photo shoot.
Fast Forward...

Here is Lindsay sporting her new Speedo floaty. I scored this at TJ MAX for 3.99! It's going to be PERFECT for vacation.
Graison and her Daddy Cruise the pool in her floating car!
Lindsay, Anthony & Graison pose for a photo!
Don't you just love the car float? Graison's mom says she's getting tired of sitting in it so next time we go over we're going to try out Lindsay's driver's license.
Lindsay warms up in the sun. Check out her Old Navy TIE DIE bikini. Mike and I bought this last year when we got her first bikini for the Orlando trip last August.


Anonymous said...

ADORABLE!!!!! Love the bikinis! :)
G looks so darn cute in her floating car! Can't wait to see them both (and of course their Mom's too) soon!

Tara said...

That was a great deal on the float. Those are cute pictures. She looks like she had a great time in the pool.

Anonymous said...

The bikini is awesome! I love the tie dye. And that float was a steal! I love the car float too. I had never seen that one before. Happy Friday to you and Lindsay!