Sunday, May 27, 2007

Irrational Fear

Why is it that I will ride THIS and THAT but NOT what you see above. (photo compliments of Kimmy Kay and Ko.)
Caroline's Birthday Horsey ride made me remember my one and only time attempting to ride a horse. I will not go into a lot of detail as it was pretty embarrassing. Let's just say my knees were shaking worse than they ever did on either of the rollercoasters mentioned above. To this day I have no desire to ride a horse. I know Mike loves to ride and so do many of my friends. However, I'm happy to just take the pictures for everyone and sit the ride out. The fact that I'll ride something that goes 200 mph straight down but will not take a leisurely stroll on hoseback makes no sense to me but there you have it.

Karen and Mike....I'd appreciate it if you keep your comments to yourselves. HA!


Anonymous said...

Horseback riding is a lot scarier than it looks, i must say. You get up their and it's so freaking high. The biggest mistake i ever made riding was 7 years ago and i didn't wear a bra. now, girl, i ain't got much. but the little that i had was sore for weeks. not a good idea. anyways, that roller coaster looks awesome! i wanna go on that!

Kimmie Kay said...

I understand cause I have the opposite fear...I rode the horse, but won't go near the roller coasters, LOL! I should say too that I was pretty worried for Caroline when I saw how BIG her horse was. They led me to believe it would be a smaller horse for kids. And, she just made the age cut off by a few days or she would have been too young to ride. The stable lady embarrassed me saying, "Let the apron strings go Mom, she'll be fine"! Of course, I was thinking of a few choice words for her, but restrained myself, ha ha! Not my finest hour, but she did do an amazing job. :)