Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Trip to Bruester's & 11 months old today!

Lindsay fights me to get her hands on her own ice cream cone!
OK, give it to me mom!
Yummmmm, it's cold!
Daddy's fave picture because it's dripping from both her top and bottom lips!
Again, the toes tell the story...we love ice cream!
After a full day at the outlet mall mommy & Lindsay met daddy at Bruester's. Lindsay's top right tooth finally cut through the gum sometime yesterday so she officially at ELEVEN months has five teeth! We had a great time shopping with Aunt Patti. Lindsay was an angel all day and let us shop. She enjoys people watching and she makes friends everywhere she goes. We didn't find a birthday dress yesterday but I did score a dress for Easter next year from the Strasburg store. It was an incredible bargain on the clearance rack and I couldn't pass it up. So here I am a month out from her birthday with no birthday dress for pictures but I have Christmas and Easter to come hanging in the closet already. Ha!ha! Oh well. I have something in mind on line so all is not lost. It was only slightly uncomfortable to have to come home and tell Mike "no, didn't find a dress for her birthday but I did score an Easter dress"...THUS, the suggestion to go have ice cream first....tee,hee.
That's ok...he loved the dress too so all is well! Let's hope I got the size right and it will fit her next spring. I think it will.
Today we are heading to Lindsay's BFF Graison's house to swim in their newly built and just opened pool!! We'll have lots of pics to post from this I'm sure tomorrow so stay TUNED.
We're sort of having an eleven month birthday pool party/BBQ today. I can't believe in just one short month my baby will be ONE YEAR OLD. I have no idea where the year went! I can feel the reminiscent blog post coming.


Anonymous said...

ahhh, nothin' like some brewster's icecream on a hot spring day in hotlanta, baby!
happy 11 mos. to lindsay!
Have fun at the pool!

Becky said...

I love those little free cones they give. They're the perfect size for little ones!

MBKimmy said...

Love the pictures ... all of them! She is adorable. I posted a blog about a couple celebrating their 9 month anniversary and now I know I will celebrate every month of my childs life ... I can't wait!

Tara said...

Happy 11 months. Time flies so fast. Very cute pictures with the ice cream.