Monday, June 23, 2008


The Birthday is officially over! Here are pics from Sunday's family celebration in Ellijay. Lindsay had a blast with her cousins Derek & Adam!

Derek & Adam were good "pushers" for Lindsay on her swing...which she NEVER wants to get out.
Love this shot...check out Adam taking a break to swig his root beer in the background!

After swinging we moved on to water guns with the boys and Donna. Lindsay figured out how to fill her gun with no problem. Her only real problem was her aim. She would point the gun up in the air or at her self when she would try to retaliate against the boys! Too funny.
Awesome candles Aunt Patti! The cake of course was like Death by Chocolate and enjoyed by everyone!
Adam helps Lindsay blow out her candles. I wonder how long she'll allow anyone to do that??
Checking out the merchandise...
This has become sort of a family tradition. It doesn't matter what the cake occasion is, no cake is safe from the fingers of these three!!!

Lindsay digs in!
She'll love me for this photo years from now!!
Then the ice cream cones were introduced. A two year old with ice cream in one hand and cake in the think she was a happy girl???
Oh yeah!
Lindsay gets some lovin' from her Uncle Steve!

Moving on to the presents and we're still in just a diaper and a hair bow...nice.
More help from Derek & Adam...
Aunt Claire gave Lindsay this cute shorts outfit. Good thing since she soaked her clothes with bubbles and water guns! Mommy & Daddy thought this bubble mower would be a good gift! Here she is giving it a whirl! She loved it!

Sunday was a great day. We got out of the house and out of "work mode" and really relaxed. It was good to see Helen, David and the boys back from their road trip and hear all the stories. We also got to spend time with Grandpa and Aunt Claire. Lindsay is spending this week in Ellijay with Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve.
I had a bit of a false alarm today and went into the OB office to get checked. Seems that I'm having some pretty hard core Braxton Hicks and some cramping. Turns out that I was not going into labor. I just got myself sent home for the day to "get off my feet" which are swollen beyond belief. I was honest with my doctor and told her I over did it for the last couple of weeks but REALLY over did it this weekend. She threatened me pretty good with bed rest so I'm trying to slow down now. The nursery is ready and Lindsay's furniture is ordered. I only have a few small projects I want to complete that can be done from a chair. :)
My house is SO not ready cleanliness wise but this week I'm not worrying about it. We have our dog back this week and Mike's brother's dog. Next week they'll be back from vacay and they will take them back again. Then I'll worry about cleaning.

So, that's the wrap up for today. I'm heading to bed by order of the spouse who has NO ROOM TO TALK about me getting rest. I had a late afternoon nap so I'm up late but I do want to go to work tomorrow. The cramping has stopped and the contractions are like 2 an hour so I'm thinking nothing too exciting is going to happen tonight.

I did get scared enough today to finish packing my hospital we'll see what the next week brings.


MBKimmy said...

Girl take it easy! Relax and take a load off ... I know it is hard, but the rooms will still be there after baby comes! I know Tatum slept in her pack n play/ bassanet -sp? for the first 4 weeks anyway! Don't over do it -

haha I know I know I am one to talk - easy to dish it out not so easy to do it - I am here for you!
Emotionally that is ... and again not that that is a lot! hahah

The Partins said...

You need to REST!!! Take it E-Z! Isn't it funny how a good Braxton Hicks promotes packing? Did the same thing to me. :-)

Anonymous said...


Heather said...

The birthday pictures continue to be great. I love the mower. Hope you manage to slow down a little.

Andrea said...

Wow-better get baby girl #2's name ready!!!!

I can relate though-the day I went in to delivery Wesley I was having contractions approx 10 min apart-guess he would have come that day or the next anyway!

Anonymous said...

Girl! Take it easy. You have enough to handle right now. Let here stay in there until the "day". I have been gone awhile and I missed alot. Glad to see that Lindsay was spoiled rotten on her B-DAY!!! We also have a bubble mower. It was a big hit!