Monday, June 30, 2008

Hanging around with Lindsay

Hey Aunt Patti & Uncle Steve...I LOVE MY NEW TABLE & CHAIRS!!!
Check out my Barney dress!
This was Linds tonight at Sweet T's. Lindsay, Aunt KK and I went to dinner there. Daddy isn't as fond of this restaurant...not enough MEAT. So, we let him stay home and work for a while since he had Lindsay at home all day today. I have discovered that rather than put her stuff on a plate and watch her push it around, she eats like a champ when you put it all in the little cups! I have no idea why this is such a hit but she PIGGED out! She also had about 3 bowls of jello which was quite fun to watch!
OB appt today went well. Blood pressure is looking great and we have one appt left next week before the big birthday party. I'm officially allowed to have this baby if I go into labor! However, according to my check today not much is happening "down there" so it looks like she'll hold out til her C-section date. I can say that I'm having WICKED Braxton Hicks and they're keeping me up at night so whatever. She's going to do what she wants I suppose. I'm SO READY!!
No, we have not named her yet. As a matter of fact we've gone back to the drawing board all together. Maybe we're just going to HAVE to see her first. I don't know. I'm still taking suggestions folks.


Me. said...

I think Stella's bday present is going to be a table and chairs...will you post a link to yours? I see a storage bin which makes me VERY excited. :) Oh, and my parents could not agree on a name until the Dr said "you can not take her home until you name her." haha! Maybe you will need to SEE her. Before they SAW me, I was a Wendy!!

Andrea said...

Awww, no name yet? I sure am anxious to hear what y'all pick out! Can't wait to finally see what she looks like!

I like Lindsay's Barney dress complete with a purple paci ; )

Anonymous said...

Lindsay is so pretty!! She looks so grown up! I can't wait to meet the newest Bresnan. won't be long now!

Anonymous said...

Lindsay does look like a big girl and I love her new table! Too cute! I can't wait to see the little one and find out what her name is going to be!

MBKimmy said...

okay Dr - good
Lindsay - too cute
and did I read you are taking suggestions for baby name and NOT ONE comment above gave one?! What the heck?!
Okay first I say Kim ... no just kidding I didn't like my name growing up so don't do that - hahaha

Have anyone in the family you can go after?!

How bout go for a double name ...
Emily Scott
Katherin Ann
Olivia Kate - OK

Good luck - put up a poll and let us vote! Or like you said wait until you see her!

Either way - love you and thinking of you!

Me. said...

Oh, and another thing - where can I buy a case of those cups? If those make Stella eat dinner, I would be forever grateful!!

And names... My current faves are Audrey and June...and I HIGHLY suggest looking at both or your family trees. A GREAT resource!!

Heather said...

The table is very cute. Good luck with the name!

Andrea said...

^ I was so going to suggest Audrey as well! Love that name.

Caitlin said...

Love this new room. Lindsey is such a doll. We are trying to get Little Brian ready to transition to his room. He has slept with us since he came home from the hospital and its been me not wanting to let go. How are you feeling?