Thursday, June 26, 2008

Two Year Check Up

Lindsay had her two year appt today and she was putting on a show! The nurses and doc could not believe how much she was talking and in full sentences! Lindsay's doc's name is Dr. Turlapaty and she can say it clear as a bell. That totally floors everyone in the office. She was so much fun today!

Two year stats: 27.10 lbs, 33.5 inches tall.

Lindsay has gained 3lbs in 6 months and grown 2.5 inches. She is now rounded out to the 50th% for her height, weight and head circumference. She's doing great and does not have to go back to the doctor until she's 3! Wouldn't that be wonderful if it worked out that way? As most of you mom's know there is no such thing as staying away from the pediatrician for a whole year at this age. But, we'll see how she does. Funny thing is, we're finally at the point that we don't have to go back for a year and we'll be starting over in a few weeks with the frequent appointments for baby number 2! So we'll be seeing lots of Dr. Turlapaty very soon!

The only bad part of the appointment was Lindsay's shot. She got her 2nd Hep A shot today. Let me tell you that the second the new nurse came in (at the end of the appt) she KNEW she was getting it. She was playing with some blocks and immediately started grabbing at her arms (hugging herself) and saying NO! NO! NO! These are the moments that I know my kid is too smart for her own good. It took me and daddy to hold her down for one quick shot. She got over it pretty quickly but for the rest of the evening every time she noticed her snoopy band aid she would sort of whine about it. Oh well...she's good to go now for another year! YAY!

We don't have official results of Mike's test today as they don't tell you anything at the hospital. We'll have to wait for his doctor to give us a call in the next day or so. There are some other family issues going on now. I won't go into detail tonight but it seems that more prayers will be needed in the coming hours for one of our beloved family members. Thank you all for keeping us close in your thoughts and prayers.

We have Lindsay home with us for the next few days so I'll have some new photos from the weekend soon. I also will have new updated photos of the big girl room!

Good night from the Bresnan house!


MBKimmy said...

yeah for a good dr visit! I hate to see Tatum get her shots ... it is so so sad!

I am praying that everything else is going to be okay - especially with Mike!

Heather said...

I am happy the appointment went well. Keep us posted on Mike!

Andrea said...

Wow! Linsday is such a good girl at the doctor. David HATES going. Actually, I probably hated it more than he does. But...we found a new pediatrican we started Wesley out and so far they are soooo much better. Definitely switching David there too.