Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grandada's 80th Birthday Party

Lindsay stayed up until 10pm the night before Grandad's party and then got up at 7am so she could help frost the cake. Too bad she doesn't pop up for school that easy!
Dad went to Publix the night before and bought 2lbs of chocolate buttercream icing to frost the cakes with.

Lindsay doing her taste test!

What a beautiful smile!

The final product. Lindsay and Dad baked 2 cakes since we had 23 people coming to lunch at the However everyone was so full we only used one cake!

Adam allowing Lindsay to listen to his movie on his Ipod.

Derek, Lindsay & Adam Lindsay insisted on sitting in between the boys!

Paul, Agatha & Brooke it was really nice that Paul and Agatha joined us at Mass this morning and helped keep Brooke occupied. Lindsay, however, fell asleep on Grandad's lap through most of the Mass.
Brooks and Yolande- The Happy Couple

Roy- Mikes 2nd cousin he's 2 and was a real cutie as you can see!

Mike's other 2nd cousin- Madelyn she just turned one and was really precious!

Agatha and Brooke who is "jonesing" for her pacifier!

Lindsay telling Derek all about school. This week is dinosaur week in her class!

How can you resist that face?!
David ordered the Paella and everyone oohhed over the presentation!
David and his amazing lunch!

Grandad's fried seafood platter!

See why we ended up bringing a whole cake home?

Brooke loving up on Grandad or maybe just sucking up because she thinks he has her pacifier!?

Chris and Mike :)

Brooks and his sister Callie

Brooks, Callie and Yolande

The Big 80! Happy Birthday!!

Brooks, Callie, Yolande and Lindsay

Blowing out the candles with some help from Lindsay (not shown)

Lindsay & Adam lick the icing off Grandad's candles!
The next Birthday in the Bresnan family is Grandma's on September 18!
Lindsay will be an expert cake baker and decorator by then!
Next weekend we go to Ellijay to celebrate Uncle Steve's Birthday which is September 2!
Lot's of celebrations for us this month!! Which is great family time!

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