Friday, August 13, 2010

Pre-k week 2 and other stuff...

The girl who said on the first week "I don't have any time for those SILLY boys", came home yesterday and said "Mom, I met a boy today!" My heart dropped. My first thought was, Oh no not yet!! But the real story was Lindsay was playing with her friend Mia and Mia got out of her seat and a little boy came over and sat down in Mia's seat and asked Lindsay if she wanted to play...awww(how sweet) so Linds said yes and then Mia wanted her seat back from Ashton and Lindsay told her I am playing with Ashton now. LOL! Even in pre-k there is drama I suppose.

So I am heading off this weekend for a church retreat until Sunday afternoon. I have a nice short list of honey do's that I am leaving for Mike while I am gone. I am really looking forward to meeting all the new ladies that will be attending the retreat. I hope that I can be a good hostess to them and help them fend off their worries as much as my retreat sisters did for me in February. It is a very intense weekend and there is a lot to do and very little sleep. I am up for it though! I have a speech I have to give and it deals with my life, my beliefs and sprituality and somehow I realized yesterday that August 4, blew by me and I didn't even think about my anniversary of the aneurysm (2 years ). I have been so caught up in Lindsay starting school and my retreat that I had not even thought about it until I started working on my speech some more. I am proud of myself for that. Because that wasn't at all how I felt in August of 2009.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to here that "living" your life has become more important than the day that almost took you away from your life!! Your girls need their "living" mom! You should be proud!
I love you, Donna