Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pre-K Update Post Day 3


Lindsay has had a pretty good week so far. She really likes her class (but not the boys AT ALL)!
She likes her teacher a lot and her teacher assistant. Yesterday she had a hard morning, she did not want to go to school and was whining about it getting ready, she was also seriously shy and clinginging to dad when it was time to drop off. But, Miss Kathleen came over and peeled her off and took care of it. Lindsay found 2 friends so far one named Azaleigh who she is very close with and Lindsay says she looks a lot like Graison then another that she can't remember her name but she knows they were in 2 year old daycare together in Miss Susan's class. Lindsay says all the boys are silly and they are already trying to pick on her and her friends saying stuff like "tricked you" and "Ha, Ha tease you" and we told her to just look at the boys and say "You're just silly" and turn around and walk away. She told us, they just ignore the boys anyway. That's fine! We're happy she isn't interested in the boys yet anyway! So, to recap, she had a good day yesterday making friends and she was very happy to go to school today and came home in a great mood. She has learned how to count to 4 in Spanish and I told her I would help her with more numbers over the weekend, and learning to memorize the Pledge of Alligence. I recited the Pledge to her and she looked at me in AWE and said " HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT MOM?", I smiled and said "From school". I then proceeded to tell her that she will pledge the flag every day of every year she is in school for the rest of her years! Too CUTE!

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Heather said...

Laney floored me one day a few weeks ago as I listened to her say the Pledge from the back seat. I didn't know she had learned it! That "tricked you" thing is going around at our school too, must be a 4 year old thing. Glad things are progressing well.