Wednesday, May 9, 2007

You Better Love Somebody...(like me for posting all these photos)

Here are the pics I promised Kim. These were taken from my seat which was quite a bit toward the back. I used my zoom to get these but as you can see further down I made my way to the front.
This is just to give you an idea how far back I was at first.
Here is the venue as you are walking up to it.

I saw a girl later in the day carrying this bundle of roses around. Minus the rose petals of course. Kim she and her friends were the only "groupies" I saw. They were wearing TAO shirts.
I love this shot!

Ok, I screwed up and this came out blurry but I saved it for you. It's the best under arm shot I got but too bad it came out blurred. Sorry.

Love this shot too....
...and this one!

I was standing SO close when I got this shot. This was using the first level of zoom just as he was standing above me.

By this time I got kicked off the front row by the security guards. They started noticing people were creeping up so they kicked a bunch of us out. That's ok though, I got what I wanted.

SWEET! I got the booty shot I was trying to get!
Kim, I hope you enjoyed these. I'm seriously in trouble for not posting more Lindsay pics.
I'll send you a cd soon! See you when you get here for Rick at Chastain this summer.
I can't wait!


Tara said...

um...that's a lot of pictures. That had to take forever. Does your camera have super shutter speed or something? I think you knocked Lindsay off her own page... well she has MOD pics still on the main page.

Katy S. said...

I love the pictures! The bootie shot was the best. I kept sinning Jessie's Girl in my head

Anonymous said...

girl, you need to rename your blog, "Rick's Freaking Blog" woohooooo! hehe. :) you got some really great shots. he is jammin' out, man. looks like a blast! i enjoy the armpit shot myself. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh mY gosh! Those are great! LOL! The Armpit one was tooo too funny!!! Great shots!

Chris said...

I was so mad that came out blurry. But it's still a hot shot. I am hoping to get some more pics up tonight from the trip of LINDSAY!!!! My family is ready to kill me. A whole page of Rick is a little over the top but I had to do it for Kim!

Anonymous said...

I am tickled to read that I am not the only one who enjoyed the pit and booty shots, LOL! Thanks again Chris for blogging those for me so're the best! LOVE EM!