Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Birthday Bash!

Lindsay opens a present early before everyone arrives.
She really gets into the bagged gifts! This bag played "Celebration" and Lindsay really got into it.
The Kiddie Table
The Birthday Princess Throne!
The cake did NOT come out like I imagined. Note to self...pick it out of the book next time. Publix gave it to us free so I can't complain. They really felt bad about it.
Lindsay's Smash Cake
Aunt Patti and Lindsay playing in Uncle Steve's hat. I'm thinking she needs a cowgirl hat and boots for Christmas this year!!!

Here is Graison's older sister Caylin with my drugged out baby...ha!ha! Just kidding..not a real flattering pic of Linds
Graison is such a cutie pie! She didn't mind wearing the party hat at all!
David, Helen, Derek and Cousin Ed heading to feed the trout.
I like this pic of Helen & Dave.
What sweet brothers!
Uncle David with the birthday girl!

Lindsay is sporting her special "Birthday Star" smock that aunt KK found just for the smashing!
Could we look a little more excited??
Not so into the smashing this time. She one handed it.
Finally getting a taste!

Check out that arm! She's full of frosting on one side!
Caylin, Derek & Adam were more than happy to jump in and help Lindsay smash her cake...once they were given the green light. (hey Derek...this is a total black mail picture for later!!)
Not so sure about all this...
Adam gives Lindsay a taste
I want to eat the bubbles!

The unwrapping was total chaos. The older kids opened everything and they had a blast. Lindsay will not stand for this in a few years so may as well let them have their fun!
Lindsay got a SWEET pool for the yard from Graison, Caylin & their mommy & daddy.
Lindsay is starting to LOVE her stuffed animals. She really was happy with her Piglet from her cousins.
Thank you for my party Uncle Steve & Aunt Patti. I had such a wonderful time! The food was SO good and it was so much fun to have all my family together in one place for my first birthday! Mommy and Daddy are very appreciative too.


Anonymous said...

Wow! awesome party, man. looked like lindsay had a blast. but i gotta ask, girl. what is wrong with the publix cake? i think it looks great! really, it's pretty. and i like how her name looks. anyways, that's just me.:) loved all your pictures and i am so glad lindsay had such a special first b-day surrounded by so much love!

Andrea said...

Happy 1st Birthday Lindsay! David has that pool...and I even blogged about it too! Click on my May 2006 archives and the post entitle "Too cool for Pool". Its pretty good, but I really reccomend getting the air pump that is made for it...it would take too long to blow it up!

Andrea said...

oops-I meant May 2007-my bad.

Kimmie Kay said...

I know how tired you are C, so wanted to thank you for putting these up so I could see the party pics. The party looks awesome and I agree with Cuppa Joe, the cake was great! Lindsay looks like she had a blast and I'm thinkin Pat and Steve did go all out...hooray! Happy 1st Linds!

Becky said...

Publix makes the best cakes! Yummy! Looks like y'all had a great time!

Chris said...

Long story on the cake...the frosting was wrong and the colors were backwards. They spelled her name wrong and had to fix it....I had to admit it looked fine with the decorations...It was supposed to be purple buttercream with hot pink trim and "LINDSAY" was supposed to be blocked not just squares drawn around the letters. The smash cake was supposed to be HOT PINK butter cream with purple trim so it would be opposite and they were supposed to leave it blank so we could put the candle on. They just spent a lot of time with me going over details and then whoever did the cakes just did whatever they wanted. It wasn't like I ordered a first birthday cake and they gave me an "over the hill" cake or something...I was the only one that really knew what all was wrong with it. The person I ordered it from was there when I picked it up and she was like "this isn't what you ordered was it?" YA THINK?
It's all ok...and it tasted great!

Chris said...

Hey Andrea...I saw that post about your pool...I sort of knew about that present so I recognized it when you blogged about it. I hope it's holding up well...
My hubby has a good pump so hopefully it will work well with the pool!

Anonymous said...

Had such a wonderful time at Pat and Steve's - they TOTALLY went ALL OUT! The girls had so much fun with Derek and Adam (and the cake - yummy!) It was truly a lovely party - hope Linds had a terrific First B-Day Bash - we all sure enjoyed it for her! Lots of love, and a HUGE thank you again to Pat and Steve for hosting!

Anonymous said...


Tara said...

Glad Linds had a great party. Don't worry about the cake, at least it was free!