Monday, June 25, 2007

Birthday Blog and One year check up...

I don't have the time or energy to put up the birthday pics tonight. I will say get ready because I have edited and resized some 30 pictures. I will do my best to get them up tomorrow.

Lindsay's one year check up was today. Here are her stats...

22 pounds (up 2 from 9 months)
One year ago today 7 pounds 11oz
28.5 inches long (up 1.5 from 9 months)
One year ago today 20.5 inches long

We are officially off the formula!! Tonight was her last bottle if all goes well. We are to start whole milk 2-3 times a day. We're going to try cold turkey and go off the bottle and use only the sippy cups. I think she will do well with it. I am having more of a reaction to it than her so far. Tonight I took her to the rocker in the nursery and had quiet time and enjoyed her last bottle.
My baby is now a's a bitter sweet moment for me!

Lindsay was NOT a happy girl at the doc's office today. The second we put her on the paper table she lost it. She usually does not have that reaction. It only got worse with the shots. Thank you Daddy for doing the dirty work. I went and paid the bill and booked the 15 month appt. Shots are WAY worse on Mommy...although maybe not today. Poor baby. She cried so much at the appt she knocked herself out. She took a late evening nap and then we went out to dinner with cousin Ed. He goes back to Orlando tomorrow so we wanted to have some time with him. Lindsay was much happier after her nap and put away tons of veggies, some bread and quite a bit of country fried steak (mommy pulled off the fried part).

Here's hoping a good dinner and a dose of tylenol will keep her comfortable through the night.

I'm off to finish watching a movie with Ed.

Good night from the very busy/crazy Bresnan house!


Anonymous said...

I found out that shots aren't fun too with Maddie! Bless their hearts. Glad that she woke up in a better mood. Happy Birthday & God Bless you Little One~

Anonymous said...

Shots are the worst! Lindsay is such a brave little trooper. glad all went well at her check-up! :)