Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend Update- Zoe's First Birthday

Meet Zoe! Happy First Birthday Zoe!
Graison digging in to a cupcake.
Graison is messier than the birthday girl! SO CUTE!
Me, Zoe and Lindsay together. Lindsay didn't mind mommy holding Zoe as long as she was being held too!
Daddy and Lindsay playing together at the stand up table. Lindsay is not standing on her own yet or pulling up. We're still working on scooting around on our bottom and the half crawl. But these pics look good, don't they?
Lindsay really liked this toy at Zoe's party.
"If I can't have cake..."
Happy Birthday! Zoe, her daddy and her Uncle Paul blow out her candle.

This past weekend was very full and a lot of fun. Saturday we did Gymboree again and then went and spent the day at Graison's house. It was a good day for an "indoor" play date.
Sunday we went to Zoe's first birthday. Zoe is my sister in law's sister's baby. (got that?) This was Lindsay's first "friend" birthday party. Her invitation came in the mail addressed to her. VERY CUTE! We had a good time visiting with everyone and enjoyed celebrating Zoe's first birthday. Zoe was actually at Lindsay's first party. Last year at my baby shower Zoe got to meet everyone. She was just two weeks old. WOW, how time flies! Zoe has two older sisters and her mommy is has one more sibling on the way! WHEW! That is why she is such a good sharer of her toys. Thanks for having us Jessica. Lindsay had a blast!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the pics! What a fabulous weekend - so much fun! Look at my messy girl!!! Cannot wait until Lindsay's first birthday - she'll be tearin' up some cake! That's one blog entry I can't wait to see...Luv ya' - thanks for the playdate!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! and the Green icing.. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Lindsay eating the ball! that's too funny! and that cake is awesome. i love all the cupcakes stacked up like that. hope she had a great b-day!

Tara said...

Graison looks cute with the cupcake. Lindsay definitely needs one of those tables for her 1st.