Saturday, April 21, 2007

More park pics

Back away from the cookie!
My shapes fit right inside daddy's shoe.
(notice the unused shape sorter) Lindsay filled Mike's shoe with all her shapes. She pushed them all the way to the toe and kept filling. We laughed so hard at this.
Mommy & Me
Helping daddy take some calls...


Anonymous said...

Joe loved to stuff shoes with things at her age too. that was just my favorite age. i love 9mos to 18 mos. now my 3 year old sasses me like nobody's bizness! :)
Great pictures. The first one is my fave!

Becky said...

Ha! I can only WISH my kids would stuff shoes with their shapes! Patrick loved that toy at this age and I had to do it with him thousands of times. Now Ben is started to take an interest in it too...much to my dismay!!!
I'm with Katie--the first pic is the best!

Chris said...

That's funny. I think Three will be fun but I do have to say this age is great! She's so much fun. She's more than I ever imagined she'd be! It's amazing to fall in love over and over again every day!

Anonymous said...

I love the back away from my cookie one! HAHAHA!