Saturday, April 21, 2007

MS Walk & Deck Christening

This morning Lindsay went with my pal from work La'shawnda and I to Piedmont Park for the annual MS WALK.
Here is Lindsay finishing up her bagel half.
Lindsay is doing her warm up stretching.
All set to go mom!
We had a nice walk. The weather was perfect. The crowd was just right, it was great. We decided to walk the extra and do the 10k vs. the 5k and Lindsay napped thorough some and talked through some. She was a real trooper!
Here is the lower level of Donna and Aaron's new deck add on.
Lindsay, Uncle Steve and Donna
Here is Lady. She is the child of my nephew Michael and his girlfriend Deb. She is the sweetest dog and really likes babies!
Aaron, Michael, Steve and Grandpa discussing the Bocci Ball game.
Donna and Lindsay hanging out during the game.

Lindsay should have been the most tired and fussy baby ever tonight. I got her up three hours early and she spent a lot of the day in the stroller or the car. She was SO good tonight. She is talking up a storm and just as sweet as ever. We still have no appearance of the top teeth but you sure can feel them there! I'm exhausted! The steroids had me going strong again last night but tonight I'm crashing. Just wanted to post these photos and say goodnight!


Anonymous said...

That deck is gorgeous! what a fun day! and i am impressed with your 10K. you go, girl!

Tara said...

She looks great in the jogging stroller..and to think, you had to do all the work and she just rode.

MBKimmy said...

I have an Old English Sheep dog named Dudley ... is that what kind of dog that is?! Love it!