Saturday, January 21, 2012

Donna's Birthday Celebration 1/21/2012

Lindsay plays Easy Bake Cup Cake on Donna's I Phone.
Lindsay is wearing her Justin Bieber shirt that she got from Cousin Melissa for Christmas.

Lindsay's teeth look blue because she and Brooke got to drink from wax bottles that had blue sour drink inside of them (the kind many of us got to have back in the day when we were kid's) :)

Brooke smiling while running around the house in her pretty Snow White Apron that she got from Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve for Christmas, because when the girls go up to Ellijay they usually get to help cook, bake or whatever it is that Uncle Steve is up to.

Daddy took a photo of Donna's new IPAD 2 as Brooke and I were playing Easy Bake Cupcakes with it. We also played several games of Angry Birds.

Brooke shows Daddy the PERFECT mashed Potatos she was helping Uncle Steve and Lindsay make for dinner!

Lindsay in her "Little Helper" Apron that she also got for Christmas.

Brooke does more running around, she has sort of lost interest in being a "little helper".

Uncle Steve says his Mashed Potatos only come out "PERFECT" when Lindsay helps him make them, and Lindsay LOVES this!

Lindsay gives Brooke a chance to be in charge.

Brooke looking a little bored.

Uncle Steve must be telling a WHOPPER of a Story. As usual, Lindsay bites hook, line and Sinker.

Lindsay working all on her own and putting a little muscle into it.

SMILE guys! We had an AWESOME dinner and great dessert and had a really good time with Cousin Donna and celebrating her birthday!

Love you all,

Chris, Mike, Lindsay and Brooke!


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