Thursday, January 12, 2012

Miscellanoeous 1/12/2012

Well tomorrow is Friday the 13th and we are hoping we don't have any bad luck tomorrow.
I finally got the birthday tickers changed with Mike's help. If you look on the face page you can see the count down until Lindsay turns 6 and Brooke turns 4! Also, Mike and I get to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this June 15th!! I can't wait, not sure if we are going to do anything too special or go anywhere. I am hoping on the Sunday before our anniversary that we can take the girls and Mike's parents to the Church that Father Frank who married us is now presiding over. I would love it if we could see him and have him say a Blessing over us for our anniversary. I believe that his Blessing could help us in our Faith and Love for each other. Father Frank told us on the day we were joined that he really believed that we would make it for many years. So far we have made it through plenty of sickness and hopefully we are fully on the health side of things now.
We definitely pray that we are over the big "sickness issues". I feel that Mike is a Saint for sticking with me all these years, it was only in our 7th year of marriage that we both had sickness issues that could have been and WERE very serious. Our love has survived many things that other people may not have stuck through. I love and cherish US! We actually are so Blessed we have two beautiful and intelligent daughters with their own unique personalities!!
I feel very Blessed in so many ways, I have overcome many issues with my post aneurysm difficulties and I am finally learning to love my life despite what has happened to me.

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