Friday, August 12, 2011

Lindsay Excels in School Conduct Award! Week 2!

8/12/2011: Above is the certificate that Lindsay received at school today because she had GREAT Conduct in her kindergarten class. The students all have a jar and they receive a stone in their jar if they are caught doing something good, correct, or polite to a teacher or fellow student without being prompted. Lindsay had 28 stones in her jar just for this week. She received the award and got to pick a prize (which she picked a small spiral notebook) and also got to pick from a special box of "gems" (plastic) stones, of which she picked a pink diamond. She is so happy that she got a reward this week. Mom and Dad are extremely proud of her! We think she is going to continue to be a GREAT BOSTON BEAR!! And we will be happy to continue BRAGGING on her!!! :)

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