Wednesday, August 10, 2011

8/9/2011 Unicorn

Last night we went to Kid's Night at the Chick-fil-a Dwarf house (kid's eat free!) and the activity was face painting. Lindsay decided she wanted a Unicorn. Her friend Hailey got a dragon that was awesome! Brooke didn't want her face painted so she got lady bugs painted on her arms. But here is the exciting news of the day. Lindsay woke up with a loose tooth on the bottom of her mouth! She was BEYOND excited!! She keeps having friends that lose teeth and she asks us constantly when she is going to lose one. She has seen her cousins lose teeth also and we keep telling her she will probably lose one when she is 6. She went to school this morning so excited. I emailed her teacher and let her know that if Lindsay was quiet today it's because she is messing with her tooth. Her teacher very nicely emailed me back and said that she will assure Lindsay that everything will be ok. If it does come out at school, they know it's her first tooth and that the Tooth Fairy will want to keep it in a special place forever! I can't believe the second week of school and my big girl Kindergartener daughter already has a lose tooth. I remember like it was yesterday calling everyone in our family when we finally saw one of those baby teeth pop through!! Oh such wonderful mommy memories!!

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