Thursday, August 18, 2011


Here is Lindsay trying on my Bon Jovi shirt the night before school's dress up day. We will have to pin up the shirt better in the morning!
Lindsay lost her tooth in "after care at Discovery Point" she actually ended up pulling it out herself. We were pretty shocked that she did that. The daycare had the tooth necklaces for her to put it on until she got picked up. Lindsay was so funny at bed time normally she keeps a hodge podge of stuff under her pillow (most likely so Brookie won't get her hands on it), so she felt the need to clean house under her pillow for the tooth fairy. Then she decided that she wanted to KEEP her first lost tooth, yet STILL get PAID! Daddy and Mommy were not going for that deal at all. We told her maybe another time she looses a tooth IF she has time to write the T.F. a letter. She wasn't all that happy with us and that answer and we promptly reminded her that she had to get up a little earlier tomorrow so Mommy can create her into a female Jon Bon Jovi, teased hair and all as tomorrow is dress up as your favorite celebrity or rock star day at school. They are having their first assembly tomorrow about their first fund raising project. Watch out everyone, we are going to be looking for interested buyers soon!!!

Oh and SHOUT OUT to my niece Mary on her 30th BIRTHDAY!!
We love & Miss you!!
Chris, Mike, Lindsay and Brooke!!

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