Friday, July 1, 2011

Family Visit 6/28/2011

My nephew Michael came down from Pittsburgh where he lives now, and we had a great visit with he and his girlfriend Emily, who the girls LOVED!!
Emily did paper dolls and puzzles with both Lindsay and Brooke.

Brooke and Emily share the same birthday month and from this photo you can tell that Brooke just made a new best friend!

Two pretty girls (nice photo)

Brooke and Lindsay "bug" had fun torturing Uncle Steve!

Brooke giving Uncle Steve a kiss after she pummels him!

Lindsay and Brooke having a tickle fight with Uncle Steve!

As Uncle Steve says...Brookie the Bruiser does her WWF Body Slam on him!!

This was the birthday cake for Lindsay 6/20, Emily 7/6, and Brooke 7/11!

Brooke takes a happy look at that CHOCOLATE CAKE in front of her!!


Uncle Steve carries out the lit cake.

All 3 girls got to blow out a candle!!


Lindsay wanted to sit next to Cousin Michael.

Brooke quickly became a chocolatey mess!

Brooke manages to share some of her chocolate pieces with Emily.

Brooke, Me, Michael, Emily and Lindsay.

Michael, Lindsay and Emily read a story together.

Michael it was great to see you! The girls' say next time you come home please bring Emily with you. Emily have a Happy Birthday! It was so nice to meet you. Thanks for playing so much with the girls. Only 1 week and 3 days until Brooke turns 3 and it's only 5 days until your birthday! Enjoy!! It was a great family night for us we can't wait til you guys come back again. We are celebrating Brooke's birthday with family and friends from 11-2 on Sunday July 11, 2011!!

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