Friday, July 1, 2011

Cousin Time and More Presents for Lindsay!! 6/30/2011

Derek age 12 on the Slip-n-slide with his brother Adam below and Lindsay & Brooke.
Adam splashes at the end.

Derek on his belly this time.

Lindsay & Brooke in their new bathing suits from Aunt Denise! :)

Adam almost over-shoots the slide.

Derek is really too tall for this size slip-n-slide.

Brookie sliding in on her behind, as Lindsay is making her running approach.

Brooke is on the grass as Lindsay is getting up from the slide.

Lindsay almost eats some grass.

Adam has another turn.

Aunt Helen made the kid's mini cakes to celebrate Lindsay's birthday since they were on vacation over Lindsay's birthday and of course Lindsay's is PINK!

Time for cake! Boy, Lindsay is matching Derek and Adam in Birthday celebrations I think!!

Now Linds gets some presents from Aunt Helen, Uncle David and the boys.

Naturally, she opens the biggest first!

Lindsay gets a BATON!! (better be nicer to your sister Bruiser!)

And a pretty PINK bracelet!

She is now opening a toy that you put on your ankle and it has a ball that you skip around.

Lindsay says it's really hard to do but she has time to practice!!

Daddy says Mommy is not allowed to try it!! LOL!

Thank you Aunt Helen, Uncle David, Derek & Adam for all the special Birthday surprises!

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