Thursday, June 30, 2011


Lindsay really started getting comfortable with the sand and surf by the end of our stay.
I really like doing some black and white shots especially at the beach!

Lindsay uses her new bucket and shovel at the beach, since we forgot hers at home.

Even more confident on her new bike, Lindsay rides back from the beach. Dad walks behind her.

Lindsay said riding her new bike was so much fun!

Lindsay used some of her shells to make frames for her and Brooke!

While KK was in charge of the glue!!

Linds also made herself a shell necklace.

She also made one for her best girl Rapunzel (Thank you Cousin Mary!)

Daddy and Lindsay cracking up at dinner.

Lindsay tried SCALLOPS for the first time this night!!

Lindsay and KK decided we would come home and make homemade ice cream.

Working on the ice cream shaking the ice.

We finally finished...

Then we resorted to ice cream sandwiches from the store.

This is the night we had dinner in Port St. Joe and Lindsay went down to the dock to watch them clean the fish. (YOU should have heard this one sing!!)

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