Sunday, May 22, 2011


Here she is...Miss Birthday Girl Azaleigh who turned 5 today!
Azaleigh had a great roller skating party, most of the kid's her age had to skate on the carpet most of the day.

This is Lindsay's photography of her friend. She was so excited to use the camera all by herself.

Lindsay messing with her paper bracelet and her glow bracelet.

Dad walks on the carpet while Lindsay gets to feel the floor!

Lindsay's friend Reagan and her mom Julie.

Reagan's mom tries to remember how to backward skate, so she can help Reagan skate forward.

Lindsay challenges Reagan in a game of Air Hockey.

Not the best photo, I was trying to get an action shot of Lindsay hitting the puck.

Lindsay had a fun time playing Air Hockey with Reagan.

This is Ty he wanted to play too.

Ty and Lindsay teamed up against Reagan.

Reagan still managed to beat them! I know her daddy will be proud!

Yep, she beat them 5-2!

I think Lindsay enjoyed teaming up with Ty.

Azaleigh's mom made delicious cake!

All the girl's getting ready for Pizza and cake.

Azaleigh in her birthday hat!

5 candles and one to grow on says her mommy!


Party's over!

Thank you Azaleigh and your family-we had a fun time with you at your party. We hope that you will have a great year and get all your wishes fulfilled! Lindsay sure hopes that you get the same teacher again next year!

We will see you some this summer!

Thanks for the invite, we enjoyed celebrating with you!

Azaleigh May 22, 2011!!

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