Sunday, May 29, 2011


Daddy helps Brooke get used to the pool!
Brooke had a blast, I think she might be ready for swimming lessons with her sister at Aquatots this summer. She has always been FEARLESS!

Graison enjoys shooting Uncle Mike and Brookie with her BUBBLE GUN!!

Here is BEAUTIFUL Rylann Smith who is now talking up a storm!!

Little Jon hanging out with Aunt Kimmy!

Brooke and Jon hang out on the first step while the girls come up to play. I am not sure Jon has ever had this much attention from this many girls in his whole little life!

Graison, Lindsay, Jon & Brooke Jon was the attention of all the girls!!

Mike get's Jon in the belly button.

Mama Renata gives Jon a drink of water!!

Brooke sits on the side of the pool kicking water, while Lindsay gets pulled out to swim by daddy!

G shoots her bubble gun at those of us sitting on the side. Lindsay heads up the steps to play with her new friend Jon.

Jon chillin' with his woobie that Aunt Missy sent to him.

Mr. HOLLYWOOD!!! LOL! He is just SO CUTE!

Everyone took baths together (which for privacy reasons we did not blog). Here are the girls enjoying the candy loot bags that Jon brought them, each of the girls got candy and a hand made bracelet to remember Jon by. As you can see, Little Miss Rylann is very happy with her Paci.

Jon has got hold of his mama Renata while we get another photo.

You can see Brooke's bracelet here from Jon, she and Jon played a lot since they were closest in age. Jon is 1 and Brooke is 2 but very close to 3.

We all felt very fortunate to have Renata and her newly adopted son from Korea come to visit all of us! It was such a nice treat to see such a happy boy and such a happy new MOMMY!!

We are so happy for you, Renata, Larry and Jon! Thank you for your visit and we can't wait til we can all meet again!!

Love you, travel home safe, we'll miss you! XXXOOO!!!


Chris, Mike, Lindsay and Brooke!!

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Renata said...

Thank you! It was great seeing you all!! xoxox