Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Tomorrow is a big day for us, we enroll Lindsay into Kindergarten after she finishes her school day in Pre-k. Registration is from 3:30-6:00 p.m. I can't believe she is actually going to "BIG GIRL" school next year! Mike and I are wondering how well she is going to get along with the boys, she sure did not like many boys in her pre-k class this year. Last night she got hit by a boy on the playground at Chic-fil-A kid's night. It turns out is that the boy and her had previous run in earlier in the evening. He was trying to but into the line to do the activity in front of Brooke, Lindsay got very defensive and told him "NO! This is my sister and she goes NEXT"! Gotta love it when they defend each other :) I can promise you that Lindsay will defend her sister to no end, especially when a bigger kid is involved. I was in the restroom when I heard Lindsay come back to the table yelling to dad that a boy tried to cut in line during the painting activity. Fortunately, the boys mom and Mike had the two apologize to each other and agree to be friends next time. Mike told me he asked Lindsay what her favorite place was the other day, and she said school. I really hope that stays the same next year! Her pre-k teacher tells us Lindsay has a great memory and remembers things that she says almost verbatum! We have to bring her with us tomorrow because they test the kids as they enroll, for ABC's, numbers, colors, shapes etc. I am sure she is going to do excellant. We can't wait to see her classroom and meet her teacher! We have her packet all ready to go for tomorrow, since I have been volunteering there a few times already I have had a few ladies give me the "In" on the Kindergarten scene. I know many of you have already "been there, done that" with all of this. But, Mike and I are on our first go-around with school. Not to mention we'll be doing all of this again in two more years for Brookie!

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