Tuesday, April 12, 2011


On Sunday 4/10/11 we went to DAC KIDS to celebrate one of Lindsay's friends 5th birthday! Here are the girls playing in the sand.
Brookie gives me a GORGEOUS smile...she is having fun!
Lindsay plays with a bucket and shovel all the time until it's time to go see Dominic!
This is also Lindsay's classmate Reagan hanging out with Brooke.
The girls play so well together and Reagan looks pretty too!
Here is Reagan's brother Dalton enjoying himself shooting the cannon.
Here is an over all view of the place. It is a great place to play!
Dalton again still shooting at his sister! LOL!
Yummy! His theme was How to Train A Dragon and it went over very well with all the children!
Dominic's mom out did herself!
The birthday boy with his pirate balloon!!
Dom's mom gives him a birthday hug and kiss.
Brooke enjoys her cupcake!!

She REALLY was enjoying her cup cake!
Lindsay acting crazy!!
Linds got herself a pirate ship tatoo!
Lindsay is all up into Dominic's birthday presents. She just can't wait until it's her birthday!!
Brooke sitting in a chair watching all the kids.
Dominic had lots of presents! He got some really cool "BOY" toys!
All the kids were watching Dominic open presents.
Brookie playing with her pirate sword!
There were lots of Pirate swords at the party.
Brooke having fun with her purple sword.
Reagan and all the other kids watch to see what else Dominic opens.

We would like to Thank you Dominic for inviting Lindsay and her sister Brooke to your party! We really had fun, the food was great and we had a blast with the goodie bags and balloons the rest of the afternoon! Congratulations on turning 5! We hope you had a great 5th BIRTHDAY!

Your Friend,

Lindsay Bresnan :)

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