Thursday, April 14, 2011


4/14/2011- It's Official Lindsay is pre-registered for kindergarten next Fall. School starts on August 1,2011. I can't believe summer is only 2 months long! It's going to fly by, between both girls' birthday's, some time with family, a camping trip or two and our official meet and greet with the teacher (a few weeks before school starts). I really can't believe all that is going to happen and then it will be Fall all over again. Mike and I are planning to join the PTA. I have to be a member of the PTA if I want to be a room mom. Which I am planning to do. Maybe not Lindsay's class, we'll see if she wants me to or not. This time next year we will be prepping Brooke for Pre-K and we hope to get her the same teacher Lindsay has (Ms. Kathleen). Brooke was so excited today when Lindsay came out of her testing, she told Mike and I that when she gets to be a bigger girl, she wants to go to school here too! We told her don't worry, you will. Lindsay came out of her testing with a new back pack filled with school supplies and a book with work to do over the summer to help her prep for school in the Fall. They gave her a Boston Bear sticker and that made her day. She said, " I am officially a Boston Bear!!" She could not have been more proud. I can't wait to see how she does next year, she is so excited about school I have no worries about her reading, writing or math skills. We still need to work on her time telling skills, maybe she needs to start wearing her watch more this summer. We also ran into her friend Lennon, who used to live down the street from us. They were so cute. She has officially invited him to her birthday party, they also hugged forever before we left. He is such a sweet heart! Well that's all for now...soon we will be full fledged BOSTON BEARS!

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