Saturday, February 26, 2011


Aunt Patti had some wig donations at work and she told us to bring some Princess dresses with us to her house today and she didn't tell us why...
The girls' were so funny trying on wigs, of course they both liked the same one the best.

This was Lindsay's favorite. She thought she was Rapunzel in Tangled.

She got the biggest kick out of having so many curls, like her friend's Graison and Reagan from her pre-k class.

Well, of course Brooke liked the very same wig!

Brooke says "I'm a princess"

This wig looks CRAZY on Lindsay!!

Lindsay has the greatest smile on her face!

This is wig number 2 fave in the rotation. Brooke thought that this one made her look like Sleepin Beauty!!

So Precious! This is Brooke's favorite princess dress these days.

Lindsay goes back to the Rapunzel look!

Now, she tries on the Sleeping Beauty wig after Brooke.

It is so weird seeing them with all this hair! If Mike had his way we would never cut Lindsay's hair again until it was this long!!

Lindsay does not like the black hair, she thinks she looks like Mother Gothel the bad one from Tangled.

I told him she might someday look like this if her hair gets as dark as mine. My hair was lighter when I was her age too.

Somehow, I think we may use these wigs for Halloween this year.

Here is Brooke trying to cover herself because she does not want or like the black wig. LOL!

Lindsay or Brooke may want to be Sleeping Beauty this year. That is if we can convince Lindsay that she does not need to be Peter Pan!!

How cute am I??

Brooke, Rapunzel & Uncle Steve decided to go to the bridge and feed the Trout.

How funny, this looks from the back! :)

What a great day we had. Thanks, Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve. It was good to see you and we had a blast with the dress up game!

Brooke's sweat suit from Christmas, "Brooke The Bruiser".

Brooke told Uncle Steve, "I am not the Bruiser anymore, I am a Princess!" (Yeah Right!)

A nice scenic shot from the Trout Bridge.

Puzzle time after dinner. Lindsay is awesome at puzzles! She does them so quickly!

Go Lindsay go!

Time to go home! Lindsay the Bug and Brooke the Bruiser.
We had a great day Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve, thanks for the books, leftovers and the pretty wigs we hope you enjoy the photos. Remember you can save what you want off the blog. Hope to see you soon.
Chris, Mike, Bug and Bruiser!!

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