Sunday, March 6, 2011


I FINALLY DID IT!!! I am now over 15 pounds down on my Weight Watcher's plan. I reached my first goal, losing 5% of my body weight. My next goal is 10% and then we'll go from there. All of the other times I tried WW, I never got to my 5%. I always gave up before that point. I am so pleased that I finally made it and proved to MYSELF that I could DO it. Even with my medical history trying to hold me back, I have been easing into more and more exercise and suprising myself each time I go to the gym. Mike has been so supportive of me. I have the best husband and the best kids. Lindsay always asks me on weigh day "how did you do mom?"! She has shown me in her own little four year old way that she is interested and proud of her mommy. That feels so good. She and Brooke are my truest form of motivation. :) I feel my jeans getting looser, but I am not quite ready to go down another size. But I WILL GET THERE. I have many sizes in my closet. I shouldn't have to go buy a new wardrobe. I will just be so happy to get into my old, pre-pre-pregnancy wardrobe! I know it has to be an average of 1-2 pounds per week and I am right on target as of now.
Thanks for everyone's support as you see less and less of me!

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Mary Kay said...

Matt and I are very proud of your hard work. I am loving keeping up with your weight lose. It's so exciting to watch you do such a great job!!! Keep it up!