Wednesday, July 23, 2008

7/14/08 Hospital Day 4

OK, I was only in the hospital five days but I told you we took a TON of photos! This is actually part one of day 4. On this day Lindsay came to visit for the second and final time. We got some really great pics of her with Brooke. Lindsay's reaction to Brooke every time was so great. Even now at home she is so IN TO her sister. We've only had a couple of "jealous" moments where I was holding Brooke and Lindsay pulled the "mommy hold you" card. Each time she has seemed satisfied to sit next to me and cuddle with her sister or help feed Brooke a bottle. I'm feeling very good about the way Lindsay has taken to being a big sister. I have a separate post I'm working on of the pics of Lindsay & Brooke.

Here is Brooke with our OB...same great lady who brought Lindsay into the world too!
This onsie cracks me up! Thanks Tracie & Alecia! Love this pic of Brooke too!
Brooke meets my boss Kevin!
Our friend Shannon dropped in for a visit.
Check her out! She already knows how to hold her paci! Smart girl!
Our priest Father Frank with Brooke. He will Baptize her soon. Father Frank has known Mike and I since we were dating. He married us and will have Baptized both of our girls. He is truly special to our family!
Mommy & her Big Girl!
Aunt Patti giving kisses and taking care of a little melt down.
Some friends of ours delivered this giant monkey to us for Lindsay!
I think she likes him!
Tomorrow is my two week check with my OB and Mike sees his vascular surgeon again...the fun never stops. Lindsay is going to get some QT with her cousins and Brooke is coming along with mom and dad. I will update more when I can on the current stuff. It's been a rough and tumble week. NO ONE got out of their pj's yesterday and we barely made it today. We did manage to go to the playground tonight and let Lindsay blow off some steam. Poor kid hasn't been outside in three days. I'm having some weird issues that I'm very glad I'm seeing the doc tomorrow. Maybe it's anxiety but I'm having trouble breathing and get out of breath just walking across a room. I feel like I should be doing much better than I am at this point. I got some extra sleep today but at the expense of Mike and now he's exhausted. I guess that's how it goes for the first few months though. One or both of the parents is always on the low end. It's just harder knowing Mike is still facing another surgery in about four weeks. I'm so thankful for all the help we have. I can't imagine going through this with no family around. Two kids at this stage makes one baby seem like a piece of cake! I'd never go back though...Brooke is another precious miracle and we're SO lucky to be where we are. The hormone stuff seems a little better since we got Lindsay home. Now if I can just FEEL better I would be so much happier.
Thanks again to all of my blog pals. Several of you have sent me private emails and I swear I am getting them. I've not had the time to respond like I should. It means so much to us to know you guys are praying for Mike and I and that you are enjoying our blog!
More soon!


Melanie said...

Seriously, Brooke is a doll. Completely cute girls you have!

I am sorry to hear that you aren't feeling good. I know that it is rough especially with Mike going through his stuff too. Just remember that you are in our prayers and we love ya!

Me. said...

I don't know if I should hate you or thank you for posting all of these wonderful pictures - you're making me want to START THINKING about child #2!!!

The Partins said...

So Lindsay has a lot of her dad in her, but Miss Brooke is ALL YOU!!! You have too BEAUTIFUL little angels. How lucky are you!?!?! Now, will Miss Brooke be able to wear any hand me downs or were they born in different seasons?

and I LOVE her sweet little face in the picture with your boss. She is so aware at day 4!

MBKimmy said...

I am glad you get to go to Dr - when I came home with Tatum I was a mess ... they gave me a few zanix - I think I took half of 3 of them and was back on track - maybe yours will be simple too!

Looking forward to the next update - love all of you!

Anonymous said...

love all the shots!! thanks for sharing!!!!

Anonymous said...

could lindsay & brooke be any cuter? :) seriously.

sorry to read that you're not feeling well. :(

and, i'm glad that those who have seen lindsay's frame love it! that makes me very happy!!

Bethany said...

I hope your appointment goes well. I'll be praying. And I swear, Lindsay is too cute!!! I can't wait to see the blog of the two of them.

The Smith Family said...

My c-section was at 8 am on Tuesday and I was released by Noon on Thursday. I only stayed 2 1/2 days, is 5 days common stay from your doctor? I wish I could have stayed longer I think I over did it just a bit once I got home!