Tuesday, July 29, 2008

7/23/08 The Back Seat is FULL!

Heading out to the park for a bit. I SO predicted this photograph when we bought Lindsay her doll car seat. Crack me up! Please over look our overgrown yard...our neighbor cut it for us two days ago!
Lindsay's doll car seat fits perfectly between her and Brooke. Oh and then there's the dolly on her lap too. So we have four babies in the back now. Can you say MINI VAN? UGH. Maybe when/if gas ever comes back down in price.
Proof that we were at the park for Brooke's first time. I was still feeling sick and short of breath this day. It was right before I went back to the hospital so I only took these two pics at the park of Brooke. I was too tired to chase down Lindsay and take anymore.
Angel Baby! Brooke Marie 12 days old~


Melanie said...

Ok, I seriously hope that none of Brooke's hair comes out! Her and Wesley are the cutest things ever with all of that hair. C-U-T-E!
Lindsay looks like she is definitely catching on to this BIG sister thing too.

The Partins said...

She is so pretty, Chris!!!! Just gorgeous. And how funny is the picture of all of them in the back seat. too cute. I love the picture of Mike and Lindsay carrying their babies. She is Such a cute big sister!

The Partins said...
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The Smith Family said...

Poor Mike, he is out numbered by girls! You, Lindsay, her two baby dolls, and now Brooke!

I love the pics!

Andrea said...

What nice neighbors you have!

Yes, the back seat does crack me up! How cute is that?!?

MBKimmy said...

Love it ... how awesome with the 4 of them in the back seat ... just wait until Brook has her baby too! haha