Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Aaron & Lindsay is 13 months!

Aaron, Donna & Lindsay at SmokeJack for Aaron's bday!
Linda was here for a visit too! Lindsay had fun with her and enjoyed meeting her for the first time!
Lindsay loves BBQ...can you tell?
Today Lindsay is 13 months old! She is still racking up bday presents. Last night we finally cashed in some of her gift cards and got her the Fisher Price Bounce & Spin Zebra (pics to come soon). She absolutely loves it. Mike put it together while I gave her a bath and we made the mistake of letting her ride before bed. Needless to say Lindsay was up a bit past her bedtime last night! I'll post some zebra pics this weekend. I'm tired tonight and just wanted to post these few pics.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON! We hope you had a great day. Enjoy your visit Linda. We'll see you again soon.
Goodnight from the Bresnan's!


Katy S. said...

Wow she cleared that bone better than my husband can!

Anonymous said...

That last picture is great!
girl, i have been so busy lately that i haven't had time to blog. my week got better. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today. i'll be back tonite... :)
Happy 13th months to Lindsay!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Wait until Max and Freckles see this.... Totally part of their family now.


steve and pat

Kimmie Kay said...

Cute pics...Happy Birthday Aaron. Hope I get to meet him next time.

Anonymous said...

Aaron had a great B-Day! Thank you for celebrating with us everyone! Linsay is the star of all our family events! We just can't get enough! Love, Donna & Aaron :)