Monday, July 30, 2007

Camping Motor Home Style

Check out our little Camper...the toddler chair was a brilliant move daddy! Lindsay liked sitting with everyone around the camp fire.
Derek and Adam doted on Lindsay like crazy. They were constantly wanting to hold her. Lindsay really loves her cousins and is never unhappy when she is around them.
Derek practices his cast as he waits to board the canoe.
Adam and Uncle Paul heading off to find some fish!
David, Derek and Uncle Mike are just behind Adam and Paul.
Don't forget to bring back lunch!
Lindsay unloading her diaper bag inside the motor home.

I think I found a FRUIT CUP!
Lindsay's newest thing is she's into is her shape sorter. See all the gravel and rock behind her. She discovered those pieces fit quite nicely into ALL the shapes in the sorter. Ha!
Yay, all the shapes are in!
Just a pic of Lindsay playing in front of grandma & grandpa's motor home. Where is everyone else? Lots of empty chairs there...I have no idea.
Lindsay & Adam hanging out around the camp fire.

Maybe next year will be a bit easier on the camping front for Lindsay. Of course she was a great baby. It was just very hot and a little tough to know what to do with her. She's not walking yet so it was hard to keep her entertained. Lindsay's aunt Helen and I took her on a nice long walk on Sunday in the jogging stroller. It was great exercise and Linds loves her stroller.
As always, Derek and Adam were a hoot. I love watching them interact with Lindsay.
I'll put a link up to Dave's blog when/if they post some pics from this weekend. I think they got some really funny shots.


Anonymous said...

That first pic is cute as all get out. I freaking love that chair and i wish joe had had one. Well, it looks like a fun trip. LIndsay has some great cousins that give her lots of love. That little adam is adorable holding lindsay at the end.

Anonymous said...

Great pics. Looks like you guys had a great weekend! I am hoping to get a toddler rocker at the consignment sales coming up. Madison hates her bouncer because it lays to far back and those are just right!

Looks like Lindsay will always have her older cousins looking out for her. That is great!

Tara said...

looks like Linds had a good time. I'm glad she likes the shape sorter. I can't believe how big Adam and Derek are getting too!

Kimmie Kay said...

The toddler chair was a great idea and she looks so cute in it! Glad she had a great time with her cousins...

Andrea said...

Its funny-there are actually times when its better if they CAN walk. Shopping is NOT one of them-camping certainly IS!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!