Saturday, July 21, 2007

By Request...

A few people have asked to see how Mike "rigged" our gate. Because you know you can never just buy something and simply install it. There is always some sort of building, painting or overall "rigging" involved. Since we have a spit foyer entry and basically there is no wall on the left side to install the gate into. We have a rod iron rail there that our couch backs up against. So this is the reason for the piece of wood you see to the left. Mike had to cut it, fit it and paint it (which he did on his own accord, I didn't ask him to do that part). The first pic is a view looking up from the stairs as you walk into the house. (By the way..where's waldo...can you see our black cat's eyes in front of the gate??) Yes, she has figured out how to jump it, much to our amazement.
Here is the left corner. Mike also attached that wire piece to help support everything. He wanted to insure that nothing would give way.
Here is the extra piece he added onto the right side.
This is what we were working with. The iron railing goes all the way across the landing. That is the back of our couch up against it. He really did have to do some creative thinking and work to make this project happen. Even though I said it looked ugly I was referring to the gate in general not his handy work.
I could not have a post without at least one pic of our sweet angel. Here she is this afternoon on her Zebra eating a Chic fil A french fry!
I have more zebra pics coming...just wait!

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