Monday, April 9, 2012


The Easter Bunny Loot ( Lindsay's on left/ Brooke's on Right ).
Lindsay showing off a Robins Egg.

Now she checks out her Peeps that have milk chocolate on the bottom.

Brooke is excited over her chocolate Peter Rabbitt!!

I think the Easter Bunny SPOILED some girlies!!

Lindsay with her Uncle Paul!

Daddy's FESTIVE deviled eggs!!

Riley, Lindsay (with her egg bucket she made at school) and Hadley.

Kiri and Brooke await the egg-hunt!

L-R Aunt Helen, Derek, Adam, Riley, Lindsay and Hadley all getting ready to hunt the eggs!

The HUNT is ON...

Brooke is racking them up...

Lindsay steps over the monkey grass!

Aunt Agatha helping Brooke look for eggs!!

Lindsay & Adam on the hunt together.

Cutie pie Roan Quigg.

Riley and Asher on the hunt together.

Mommy & Lindsay

One of my favorite photos of the day, My baby Brooke and her closest friend Kiri! They both look so pretty and grown up in this photo to me.

A nice shot of all of the kids from the day!

My BIG girl looks so pretty with her Bunny Bucket that she made at school.

We had several birthday's to celebrate here is Zoe her birthday was 4-6-2012 and she is now 6!

Mike and my nephews Derek (on left) turned the big 13 on March 30th and his bro Adam (on Right) turns 10 this Wednesday 4/11.

The kids all about to dig in to cake and ice cream!

Thanks to Agatha and Paul for hosting such a fun Easter party!

We hope all of our friends' and family had a Blessed Easter!

The Bresnan 4

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