Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Spring Break Camping! 4/3/2012

Sleeping Beauties...
Playing with the bugs...

Brooke Marie's beautiful profile!

Lindsay Cecile's beautiful profile!

Check out Lindsay's Ariel seashell necklace and CLIP-ON earrings! I really want to pierce her ears for her 6th birthday coming up in June, but she still says no! :(

Lil' Miss Hello Kitty!!!

Practicing their swimming in the lake.

Lindsay and Nicole!

The 3 Amiga's! Lindsay, Nicole and Brooke.

Poor Daddy got a farmer's tan and Brooke took a look at his feet and said, "Daddy, don't you want to take your socks off before you go into the water?" LOL!

Out of the mouth's of babe's... :)

Brooke and Nicole heading up to the beach.

The girls loved swimming in the lake!!

Last year's bucket and shovel's from Cousin Donna!!

WHAT a SANDY MESS Brooke was after her beach time!

Lindsay making a "Sand Angel"???

YAY, for Brookie's Sand Castle!!

After the beach, we went to the play ground, and the girls took turns sliding down the slide being leader, middle and caboose!


We really had a good time with Nicole and her mommy. Hope to have another play date soon!!

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