Sunday, April 8, 2012


Yesterday we spent the day coloring eggs at Grandmama's house!
Brooke pouring her measuring cups out so she could prepare her color dyes.

Pretty baby! She had so much fun this Easter!

Lindsay and Grandmama had a great time working on this holiday project.

Lindsay doing her own measurements.

Now the girls have all of their colors lined up and are dipping their eggs in dye.

Lindsay wanted all dark colors so she really soaked her eggs a long time.

Wearing one of Daddy's old KSU Tee's Lindsay was able to stay fairly clean!

Brooke looks very serious working on her art!

SMILE! What a pretty yellow egg!

3 Happy Bresnan's!

Lindsay shows off all of their Egg-Art!

Lindsay displays her Favorite egg that she made and decorated with stickers herself.

Very Proud of her Egg! She also is very happy with her tattoo, which we begged her to remove for Church on Easter Sunday!

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