Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break Camping Day 1 4/2/2012

This is Brooke striking her "SASSY" fishing pose!
We went to Sweet Water Creek Campground at Lake Alatoona, Ga and this is Lindsay's newest friend Nicole who came out with her mom for two days to fish and go swimming at the lake and play with the girls. Lindsay was so impressed with Nicole's catch and the girls were using live bait this year with Dad's help baiting their lines.

Cheryl, Nicole, Lindsay and her grandmama fishing together on the bank of the lake.

Lindsay reels in her first fish of the day!

Brooke pulls a board out of the lake when she sees the two snails aboard it.

She wanted to make them her pets. :)

Up close of Brookie's snails. Unfortunately for her we made her throw them back into the lake.

Brooke poses with her snail. (before we made her say goodbye) LOL!

Brooke gave Nicole a snail also.

Daddy in the pop up showing off his gorgeous baby blue's that he passed down to Brooke.

Ms. Cheryl is trying to catch a nibble for her daughter Nicole while poor Brooke walks back from putting her "pet" back into the lake.

Lindsay "FISH ON..." Reels it in.

Brooke hooked herself a BIG ONE!!!!

Lindsay found herself a good spot she caught the most fish that day she even showed up her Grandad who didn't have the luck the girls were having!

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Cheryl said...

Hey girl, love the pix, Nicole and I had a great time with the girls, they are so precious! I have some more really cute pictures of the girls. Also, love the Easter egg hunt pictures, the little bunny baskets they made are too cute. I'll have to make those with Nicole's class next year.