Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camping Day 3 3/19/2012 Heading Home

Brooke & Daddy had already dropped Lindsay off at school, and they came back to the pop up to fix a hearty breakfast and have some Daddy/Daughter time.
Brooke enjoys her toast and poses for Daddy in her favorite Dora Jacket.

Sassy girl with her toast.

Brooke doing the breakfast dishes without her big sis! Great job Brooke!

Brooke finishing up the dishes.

Brooke must have taken this photo of Dad, because Mom had already gone home sick at this point.

Brooke sitting on the step going into the pop-up.

No shoes, no socks, the way Brooke LOVES to be!!

It's so warm here it's flip-flop weather!!

Sneaking a peek inside the cooler for a snack on the ride home!! :o)p

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