Sunday, March 25, 2012


Today 3/25/2012 we celebrated Rylann Smith's 3rd birthday at a place called Catch Air

Here is Lindsay on their Beach Ball Merry-Go-round. Everyone had a great time!

Rylann the "Birthday Girl" is riding with Brooke and Rylann's second cousin Lilly behind her.

Rylann really enjoyed her third birthday, and she has a lot of little friends that love her bunches!!

Rylann's mommy Missy is sitting next to Lindsay and her other daughter Graison (Lindsay's B.F.F since she was born) waiting for Rylann to come around on the small Merry-go-round.

Lindsay in Pink and Graison in Blue!!

Graison has a beautiful smile!!

Birthday girl heads for the LIGHT UP DANCE FLOOR!!

It's like a DISCO for Toddler's!! LOL!!!

HELLO KITTY came out to help say "Happy Birthday" to Rylann!!! Judging by that face, I think Rylann likes Hello Kitty!!

Lindsay was okay hugging Hello Kitty but, she was more concerned about Sponge Bob showing up! That is who they sent out for the "BOY" parties, and Lindsay wanted NOTHING AT ALL TO DO with SPONGE BOB!!!

Not to sure what this gesture means, I will have to ask her Mommy?! But, it sure was cute!!

Again, it's just the CUTEST thing...

Lindsay & Rylann (Lindsay open those eyes girlie!!)

YAY!! Here comes Brooke out of the slide and Uncle Paul is right behind her!!

Our Brookie LOVES to slide!! As you can see by that smile.

Lindsay is all dizzy after Daddy spun her like a top.

Brooke and Lindsay sit with all of the other kids and wait to go into the party room for cake. If you notice, Lindsay is looking stressed because she is watching out for Sponge Bob!

The line to go in the party room.

Big Sis and Lil' sis share the Chair Of Honor.

Lindsay and Brooke share a table with Kiri and Riley Quigg.

Everyone sings while Rylann looks at her THREE candles on her cupcake.

Rylann blows them all out with a LITTLE help from Daddy!!

Daddy gives Rylann a little taste of her icing off of the candles.

Rylann chose a GREEN cupcake for her first pick.

How cute is she? Rylann knows she's THREE!!

Brooke also wanted a green cupcake.

Rylann and her Mommy opening her present from Brooke and Lindsay.


Lot's of the kid's in the birthday chair with the birthday GIRL!!

Rylann enjoying her "Chair of Honor"!!

3 SISTERS Caylin, Rylann & Graison

Sisters are Forever!!

Aunt Agatha & Uncle Paul teeter totter with Brooke!

Our Cutie Patootie in the ball pit with her sister!!

Our oldest cutie trying to climb up higher than the ball pit so she can breathe!!

Brooke looks like she is coming down off her cupcake high!!

Lindsay "catches air" at CATCH AIR!! Great action shot Daddy!!

Mommy's Favorite picture of the day Brooke's pig-tails flying high, and she is catching some major air!

Another good Action shot of Brookie!! The kid's had a blast hanging out after the party until it was time for dinner. Then we went to our neighbor Megan's Burger King to see her and eat dinner and play on their playfort!

Lindsay LOVES to jump!!


Mike finally got Lindsay to go down the big slide she was avoiding all day! Birthday's are the BEST! Lindsay and Brooke are constantly asking how much longer til their birthday's, it is so cute!

Thanks Aunt missy and Uncle Anthony we loved being a part of Rylann's special day!! We hope she had a FABULOUS birthday and enjoys all of her gifts!!!


Chris, Mike, Lindsay & BrookeXXXOOO!!

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