Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Camping Day 2 3/18/2012 Red Top Mountain

Lindsay and Brooke are happy to do dishes after breakfast, at least here they don't have to stand on a chair or stool to reach the sink! ;)P

Chores should be this fun at home!!

The girls laid back in their camp chairs waiting for a nibble from the lake.

When Brooke really concentrates that tongue comes out and she makes funny faces.


Uncle Paul riding the girls around in his bike trailer.

At least THE GIRLS have on their bike helmets...ahem, Uncle Paul!

Uncle Paul was hooking the fish and letting Brookie reel them in!!

Lindsay has herself a big one, thanks to Grandad and her Daddy!

Lindsay caught 4 fish and Brooke caught 3 on their Barbie and Dora fishing poles, respectively.

Lindsay is saying her "Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah" I can just tell from her face in this picture! LOL!

This photo I am dedicating to Aunt K.K. (FiiiSH Liiipppssss!!)

Just in case anyone wants to know the girls worked on a "catch and release" basis!

Thanks Uncle Paul, Grandad and Daddy for helping the girls have such a good day fishing!

Lindsay decided she was much more about the worms this trip and wanted to bring them all home as pets! Thank you Daddy for not letting that happen! Mommy is not about the worms EVER!!

The girls on their ride back to the campground.

Brooke has her arm raised in the ride, thanks for the fun ride Uncle Paul!!

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