Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3/17/2012 Camping at Red Top Mountain State Park

Brookie's shirt says "Everybody Loves An Irish Girl" and she looks like she KNOWS it right here!
Brooke, Lindsay & Mommy on the wagon ride to the Iron Mines.

The Bresnan 4 Daddy, Brooke, Lindsay & Mommy. Lindsay lost her 3rd tooth the day before and I think the funny face she is making is her putting her tongue into the new hole in her mouth! Heh! heh!

Ranger Marcus telling us his lesson about the history of the Iron Mines.

The girls with Ranger Marcus it was so funny, Brooke was REALLY into him!

Brooke poses for Daddy on the wagon ride!

The Iron Hill Trail was where we met the wagon for the ride and educational experience.

Lindsay showing off her lost tooth! She actually pulled the tooth out herself on 3/16/2012!

We were so shocked she actually did it! There was much DRAMA surrounding it. We finally told her that Grandad would pull it for her when she sees him at the camp site. Once she did we told her she would have to call her cousin Derek and brag about the fact that she was brave enough to pull her own tooth!!

Lindsay found herself a four leaf clover and could not be happier!

Lindsay making a wish on her four leaf clover.

Lindsay and daddy working on her Scratch Block Mold to eventually turn it in to a cast iron work of art to take home.

Lindsay and Dad work well together, while Grandmama and Brooke work on hers.

Brooke loves getting to do art work!!

Grandmama watches Brooke work on her Scratch Block.

Mike and Lindsay doing a great job, they only had one hour to work on it before they were going to heat up the furnace and get ready to pour iron in the molds.

Brooke seems to have left Grandmama to do the major work for her. Brooke has now fluttered off to spend time wiping down the tables.

Brooke cleaning the black dust off the tables and I catch her sassy pose!! :)p

Both girls making progress with thier art partners and Grandad sits in the background.

Brooke's Masterpiece! (you have to write the letters and numbers backwards so they will be forward after the Iron Pour.)

Lindsay's Masterpiece! She decided to include a shamrock on hers since it was St. Patrick's Day, her initials and the year so she will always know what year she made it.

Brooke holding a purple rock at the demonstration so she could feel how heavy it was.

Awww...giving some lovin' to Grandmama!

"RANGER Lindsay!" LOL!!

The "cupola Iron Furnace" named Maryanne will eventually heat iron up to 3,000 degrees and they will pour the molten lava from the furnace into all of the scratch blocks.

Once the furnace is close to the right temperature it starts spitting out sparks and flame sort of like fireworks. The girls really enjoyed this part.

Now the furnace is ready it is "white hot".

An example of a piece of Iron Ore.

We had a great day and the artwork came out great. Lindsay is going to bring her cast iron mold to school on Friday for show and tell. Her teacher thought that would be the best day to do it since they always have a "Fun Friday" event. I will have Mike take a photo of both girls with their finished pieces tomorrow and put them up on the blog after I get the rest of the photos from the weekend up.

We hope everyone had a great St. Paddy's Day and a special Happy Birthday to Aunt Patti!!


Mike, Chris, Lindsay and Brooke

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