Friday, February 24, 2012

Family Camping Day 1 2/22/2012

Grandmama and Grandada with their number 3 and 4 grandchildren. They came out to spend some time with us the first night for dinner and then they came back the next day for lunch.
After Grandma and Grandad left to beat the storms home we had SMORE TIME!!

It was getting cold so everyone snuggled up with more layers of clothing. We also let the girls indulge with the smores and just some plain roasted marshmallows and they got to stay up later than normal. Lindsay goes back to school on Monday 2/27/2012 for a fun and Wacky Dr. Suess week so we are buckling down to get back on "schedule".

Brookie enjoying a smore!!

Mommy had Aunt Helen's usual job, Smore assembler

This was our first night on our camp out, we managed to all go to the bath house, wash our faces and brush our teeth and get back to the camper before the rain came. But, fortunately we only had about 30 minutes of rain and a little thunder and lightning to bother poor Brooke.

The next day it got up close to 70degrees and it was sunny!! :)

We can hardly believe it's actually February!!!

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