Thursday, December 15, 2011


On Sunday 12/11/2011 we left Breakfast with Santa and headed up to Ellijay to visit my nephew Eddie and his girlfriend Jessie who were in town visiting from Orlando. They brought the girls some Christmas gifts from their Aunt Teresa and Uncle Ernie also in Orlando, here is Lindsay modeling a very nice magnetic doll set that mimics paper dolls. Thanks guys!
Brooke opens up the next gift which is a Disney Princess Bedtime Story Book! Awesome!

Brooke starts to look through the book for her favorites.

There it is "Sleeping Beauty" is Brooke's fave!!

Cousin Eddie gave the girls lots of his old DVD's that are all their age range, as he us upgrading his collection to Blue Ray and he gave us many movies that we only have on VHS not DVD, which the girls were THRILLED about. Now they have a larger choice of movies to watch in the van.

Lindsay checking out her bag!! Thank you Cousin Eddie!! This was so nice of you to think of us this way!!

Jess watches from behind with her cute dog Bella.

Brookie holds up The Lion King which we have but only on tape!

The girls were very happy about Snow White! That is Lindsay's favorite princess now.

Brooke gives Cousin Eddie a thank you hug!

Now Lindsay and Brooke more used to Bella are in their pajamas and ready to go home.

It was so good to see you guys! Especially this close to Christmas!

Can't wait to see you again soon. Hopefully we'll make it down for a visit before the new school year, as Brooke will be on the same public school schedule as Lindsay next year. She will be in Pre-K next year!

Thank you Aunt Teresa, Uncle Ernie and Cousin Matthew for sending gifts and letting the girls open them early! :)

We love you all!! XOXO!!

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