Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baking Chritmas Cookies At Grandma's 12/20/11

On Tuesday December 20th we went to Grandma's house to help her bake Christmas Cookies for the holiday. Brooke and Lindsay are busy rolling out the dough for the sugar cookies.

Lindsay, Brooke and Grandmama working in the kitchen.

Lindsay shows off the cookie cutters and her really cute Santa shirt!

Silly Brooke with a Gingerbread cutter on her head!!

Having fun with the holidays!!

Brooke with flour all over her hands!!

SISTERS having FUN!!

Dad joins in the fun! Mike really likes to bake!!

Brooke does her Christmas Tree Impression!! Too cute!

Brooke & Daddy getting ready to box up some cookies for us to take home!

Lindsay taking pride in the cookies she decorated.

We told Lindsay to smile for Justin Bieber and here is what we got!! LOL! (Lord help us!)

My Camera HAM!!!

Lindsay and Grandmama add some extra sprinkles!

Showing Off the Cookies!!!

Too bad Derek and Adam missed cookie day this year since they are on a short vacation.

Grandad gets loving from a very tired Brookie!!

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