Saturday, October 15, 2011

10/15/2011 Boston Elementary Fall Festival

Lindsay loved being in the driver's seat of the Fire Truck!
Broooke & Lindsay had fun in the Farm Yard Bouncy.

Lindsay tries to ride the bouncy horse to no avail...

Now she falls off the puppy dog!!

Check out the hay stacks, the mushrooms and the Cacti!

Lindsay catches some major air, while Brookie tries to ride the horse.

Lindsay looks so small next to Mario!!

Brooke really enjoys her PINK Cotton candy!!

We are in for a sticky mess!!

Very happy she is enjoying it!!

SISTER'S enjoying what turned into "lunch" ugh!

I love this photo, neither one of them are caring that we are taking photos. They are both so involved in their cotton candy! LOL!

Lindsay acts like she is eating a turkey leg!!

What a SWEETIE (literally)!

Love that smile!

Check out that PINK tongue!!


(L-R) Brooke, Mike, Lindsay and Chris

Lindsay sporting her Boston Bears shirt. Mom ordered a long sleeve one for the winter.


Linds, Mommy, Daddy and Brooke.

Face-Painting: Brooke wants to be a cat. (check out the girl painting she is wearing a SNOOPY SHIRT!) YAY!

The Kitty cat face!

Our friend Rachel came to the Festival with her son Devin (5) and daughter Evelyn (2),they wanted to be a puppy dog and a tiger.

Lindsay wanted to be a puppy dog, here she is before her whiskers got painted on.

Working on the Whiskers!

Our cute puppy dog!

Sisters & Friend's FOREVER! Brooke will be at Boston in 2 more years!!

The panting puppy dog!

A very happy and proud Boston Bear at her first Fall Festival as a student! We had a great time. I volunteered at the cake walk for an hour and then we hung out and played games, played on the playground, ate lunch, won some free chic-fil-a stuff. I think theFestival was a huge success for the school. The raffle baskets were incredible, but we haven't gotten a call yet so I guess we did not win anything. :(

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Jennifer said...

Such a lovely time! We went to Bok Tower Gardens today, it was free, and a lovely Florida fall afternoon!