Friday, October 14, 2011

10/14/2011 Lindsay's First Report Card!!

Today, 10/14/2011 Lindsay came home with her first GREAT report card. She just finished her first 9 week semester in REAL school! We are so proud of her. She got perfect attendance and all Satisfactories in what they call "specials" which is Art, Music, and P.E. The actual report card is different to read from what you would normally expect. She received many "CD" marks which stands for "Consistently Demonstrating". They aren't on the A, B, C, D, F grading system yet. Which we hope at the point that either girl gets to that stage they will always stick with the A, B, grades!! She also had several "PR" marks which means Progressing, as well as "MS" which equals "Meets Standards". Her teacher comments included that Lindsay is an excellent student! Nothing could make a mom and dad prouder to see on a report card! We are also very happy with her teacher this year Ms. Chee-How and we can only hope that she will have as excellent teachers every year at Boston! We think the world of Ms. Chee-How and I am not just saying that because I am one of her Room Mom's!! It seems all of the kid's in her class are really responding well. Lindsay is reading so much better now. We watch her sound out words and she is actually teaching Brooke a lot. We will see how well she has taught Brooke when she gets into Pre-K next Fall. I think her pre-k teacher will be very impressed with Brooke next year. We are amazed at the words Brooke is saying now, although she really needs to work on her writing, but that will come. Mom and Dad are going to work with Brookie this summer on some of her writing skills before pre-K. She first will need to learn to write her name. She knows it when she sees it written and she will always tell us it's "BROOKE". She is recognizing so many letters now just from being in daycare. Discovery Pointe is an awesome daycare! There are days Lindsay comes home from school and Brooke is working on the same stuff the same week! They really are helping these children advance. I pray that both Lindsay and Brooke will get such a solid education that they will be able to just pick their college! (someday-ouch).

At any rate, this is a first experience for these parents. It's so amazing to watch them grow, learn and change!

We hope everyone else is doing well. Tomorrow is the Boston Fall Festival so be on the look out for lots of photos from tomorrow in a later blog post.

Be back SOON!

The Bresnan Four!


Jennifer said...

That is wonderful! I hope the girls continue to do well in their education :) Let me know if you need any helps or pointers, if you ever need one from an educator. :)

Jennifer said...

I am so glad to hear that both girls are doing well with their education. Let me know if you ever need any help from an educator and I'd be glad to assist. :)