Friday, October 21, 2011

10/21/2011 Kindergarten 50's Day at Boston

Lindsay showing off her poodle skirt! Lots of poodle skirts today! I wish I had one.

Meleigh and Lindsay are "BESTIES"!

My Cutie Patootie!!

Lindsay enjoying her chocolate shake...

Meleigh & Lindsay in line to go to the sock hop!

Meleigh's mommy and I are co-room Mom's and we used our blender's to make vanilla and chocolate milk shakes for all of the children in the class.

More of the students standing in line. This class is SO WELL BEHAVED!!

We saw this AWESOME looking ride outside of the gym! Other teacher's and I were all taking photos of it!

Here is Mr. Conley the principal playing the drums for the sock hop. His band was he and his two brother's. They were awesome! They played lots of Elvis songs and some Little Richard too!

Here is a photo of lots of kid's dancing with the band in the background.


Happy Lindsay!!

Lindsay and I danced together and she loved to have me twirl her so her skirt would look pretty.

We did the "twist" and the "Swim", although I can't remember if the swim is a 60's dance or 50's??

By the way, the whole reason for this theme day was to celebrate the 50th day of the school year! It's hard to believe that so much time has passed already! Soon, she will be headed for FIRST grade!

Lindsay and her best friend from Pre-K, her name is Azaleigh and she is in Ms. Delauder's class.

Here is a gang of friends from Discovery Pointe.

Lindsay LOVED her POODLE SKIRT! Thank you to my friend Kim Snook and her daughter Samantha for passing it down to us. Hopefully Brooke will get to wear it when she gets into kindergarten in two more years. If not, it will make a good Halloween costume one year.

Ms. Chee-How poses with Lindsay, she had a poodle skirt too!

Ms. Chee-How dances with Lindsay.

Dancing lower and lower and lower...

Lindsay's friend Lennon! Of all the boys she knows she "tolerates" Lennon since he is such a nice boy! (notice they are holding hands)

The entire Kindergarten class on the floor in front of the band, while Mr. Conley tells them a story.

The guitarist closest to the end here is Mr. Conley's brother who came from El Paso Texas to play this gig today.

All of us adults were really impressed with the band. Where else do you have a principal play the drums and sing lead vocals in a band for the kid's? Especially the KINDERGARTEN CLASS!!

Ms. Chee-How dancing with Melanie.

Meleigh and Sidney dancing together. All the girls' are friends.

This is the back of Ms. Delauder's jacket. I thought it was great she had a "PINK LADIES" Jacket.

Here she is from the front she also has a poodle skirt. I am going to have to have someone make me one before Brooke gets to Kindergarten!!

We had a blast today, all of the kid's are so much fun. Ms. Chee-How has a great class!

Thank you to Sarah my co-room mom for picking up the ingredients for the shakes. Also, thank you Ms. Chee-How for letting me sit with Lindsay in class through the announcements.

It is so much fun being a room mom, and so many of the children thanked us for bringing the stuff to make shakes! Just the SWEETEST!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

The Bresnan Family~

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