Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stone Mountain Camping Day 2 8/28/2011

A happy Brooke on Daddy's shoulder's in front of Stone Mountain!
The lady that plays the "bell concerts" at the Carillion.

The Carillon tower is just speakers the lady told us, the bells are actually under the sidewalk that you walk on to go to the tower. We had no idea, and probably most people don't .

The Carillon Tower established 1965.

Sister's at the lady's organ, she played "It's a Small World" as we walked away.

The plaque about the history of the Carillon Tower.

Brooke & Lindsay in front of Stone Mountain.

Mike tried several attemps to get each of them to smile at the same time!

He finally gave up!

Mike found this spot at the camp site and he told the girls' he found an abandoned "fairy house"!!

Too cute! They loved it!!!

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